Netflix Cease and Desist Letter

In the category of unexpected writing creativity, allow me to present a new example: the cease and desist letter. Netflix recently got a bunch of well-deserved praise for a very creative and professionally written cease and desist letter that they sent to a bar in Chicago who had turned their establishment into an unauthorized Stranger Things themed restaurant. Here’s to the Netflix lawyers, who help us continue to prove that stellar writing can solve the world’s problems.


Screenshot 2017-09-21 15.44.57.png




Grammy Museum Print

Music stirs emotion and this passionate print piece from writer Charlie Shames captures those feelings in beautiful prose. (Writers, send us your favorite ads. We want to post them! ) This ad is part of a collection of posters he did for the opening of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. It elicits the soul and poetry of music and the value it brings to all of us. You can feel his love in every sentence.


Screenshot 2017-09-05 12.23.33