Rod Serling Quotes

I recently came across this collection of quotes about writing and just had to share them. Ken Miyamoto from took the time to put together a list of his favorite quotes from the late Rod Serling, creative mastermind of the Twilight Zone. His most common topic is screenwriting, but they can easily be transcribed over to the field of copywriting. I’ve pasted in a few of my faves below, but please check out the entire article:


“This is, if not a lifetime process, it’s awfully close to it. The writer broadens, becomes deeper, becomes more observant, becomes more tempered, becomes much wiser over a period time passing. It is not something that is injected into him by a needle. It is not something that comes on a wave of flashing, explosive light one night and say, ‘Huzzah! Eureka! I’ve got it!’ and then proceeds to write the great American novel in eleven days. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a long, tedious, tough, frustrating process, but never, ever be put aside by the fact that it’s hard.”


“Being like everybody is like being nobody.”


“Coming up with ideas is the easiest thing on earth. Putting them down is the hardest.”


“Somehow, some way, incredibly enough, good writing ultimately gets recognized. If you’re a really good writer and deserve that honored position, then by God, you’ll write, and you’ll be read.”




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