Denny’s Twitter Feed

I received a comment recently asking why the majority of my posts are print ads. Well, print ads are typically the easiest to find, but the purpose of this site is to showcase outstanding writing being done in all facets of the business. So with that, I present to you the Denny’s twitter feed. It’s ridiculous, hilarious, at times even deranged, but once you start scrolling through the tweets, it’s hard to stop. Absolutely super fun writing.

Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.05.15Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.05.33Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.05.52Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.06.45Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.08.04Screenshot 2016-04-15 16.08.25


Agency: Erwin Penland





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