Fanta Print

Fanta has apparently created the “world’s first tastable ad.” Seriously. If you found this ad in print, you could tear it out and literally consume the content. It’s a fun concept, which also makes for an incredibly entertaining long copy piece. Words too good to eat, in my opinion.


Agency: OgilvyOne, Dubai

Source: AdFreak


Duracell Print

If someone says “memorable battery ad,” what comes to mind? (“It keeps going and going,” maybe?) Well, your answer is about to change after reading these long copy print ads for Duracell. It’s some of the best storytelling you’ll consume within the confines of an ad space. Each one is written from the perspective of a person who is at first enamored with, then brutally cursed by a battery-powered gadget. Each mini story is visually constructed within Duracell’s signature design, reflecting its positive and negative portions. I’m all for advertising to become another vehicle for great short stories.



Agency: Grey Worldwide, Mumbai, India


Timberland “Seek Out” Print

The blog’s inaugural Throwback Thursday post comes courtesy of Writer/CD Marc Gottesman. (Keep those submissions coming everyone!)

I remember these ads well—an absolutely classic headline campaign from the early aughts. Each line still packs the punch it did when I first read them as a young buck in ad school. I’m sure they motivated many budding copywriters hoping to one day possess such wordslinging prowess.

Screenshot 2015-12-01 16.57.06Screenshot 2015-12-01 16.57.40Screenshot 2015-12-01 16.57.22Screenshot 2015-12-01 16.56.35


Agency: Fallon/New York