Delta “Take Off” TV

Here’s a TV spot that illustrates why you don’t need a huge production to make an amazing commercial. They used just one long (and very unique) shot of a runway from the POV of the bottom of an airplane taking off and 97 words of dazzling copy. Of course it doesn’t hurt when you have the eloquent Donald Sutherland on hand to read the script. Very nicely done.

Copy: What’s happening here is not normal. It’s extraordinary. 291 people. 350 tons. 186 miles per hour. You’re not sure what’s on the other side to that time after you land. But momentum pushes you forward. You are a test pilot. Breaking through where others broke. This is why you take off. Same reason the pioneers before you went in canoes and covered wagons with wild eyes and big-fevered dreams. And it’s why we’re with you. 80,000 people now, on the ground, in the air, engines on. Because there is no stop in us. Or you. Only go.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, New York

Source: YouTube


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