IKEA “Doors” TV

This is a fantastic spot, incredibly well produced, but the writing is the true standout. Nicely crafted prose that radiates with nostalgia.

Copy: Each time I open my door; I remember my first home—my sea of pirate ships, my cozy distant galaxy. The one I took for granted for so long.

Each time I open my door, I also remember my second home—a borough of lazy laundry and cheap fast food. Where I learned that nothing should be taken for granted.

And my own long path of going forward also comes to my mind each time I open my door. When I slowly realized that settling down is not a decision but a journey.

Because each time I open my door I face who I was with whom I became, discovering why today I call this place my home—an everyday drop of sweet and subtle joy. Each time I open my door.

Agency: Milk, Lithuania

Source: YouTube


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