Long Live Copy

“Nobody reads copy.”

This is an old maxim within the advertising world.

You know what I think?  It’s bullshit.

People will read copy if it’s great — if it’s written with soul, passion, humor, or any feeling that illustrates the writer truly cared. You’ll notice even tiny details are crafted to perfection. This is copy that rouses envy and inspires other writers to pen something just as stellar.

It might be hard to find, but this kind of copy exists in advertising. It shows up all over the place, not often enough, but it’s there. It may pop up in a piece of body copy. It could surprise you in a tweet or on a poster. It might be a headline, or something as short as a tagline.

No one is pointing them out. No award show lists “Best piece of copy” as a category.

So I created this site to shine a long overdue spotlight on the words. It’s time to showcase the copy. If you’ve got something to share, send it my way. Greatness deserves to be read.


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